string audition material

SENIOR REGIONAL (Grades 9-12) String Audition consists of the following:

1. Scales    2. Prepared Excerpts   3. Sight-Reading

3-Octave Scales

Students may be asked to perform all major and (melodic) minor scales up to 3 sharps and 3 flats in 3 octaves (2 octaves for bass). Scales should be played in groups of two slurred, and two martele ascending and groups of four slurred descending. Scales should be performed at a tempo of quarter note equal to 120 beats per minute. *Scales must be memorized. 

The required scales are:

C Major             a Minor        

G Major             e Minor 

D Major             b Minor 

A Major              f# Minor    

F Major              d Minor        

B-flat Major       g Minor

E-flat Major       c Minor          


VIOLIN (prepare all excerpts for audition)

SRO Violin Excerpts 2023.pdf

VIOLA (prepare all excerpts for audition)

SRO Viola Excerpts 2023.pdf

CELLO (prepare all excerpts for audition)

SRO Cello Excerpts 2023.pdf

BASS (prepare all excerpts for audition)

SRO Bass Excerpts 2023.pdf


There will be a sight-reading component to this audition.